Welcome to Gambit, the first sports GameFi platform on the Avalanche network.

This guide walks you through all the details of Gambit and how to become a privileged member of our community.

The first version of Gambit will be exclusively focused on the Qatar's 2022 World Cup. We believe that this is the perfect event to launch, since we will leverage and take great advantage of the hype it creates around the world!

The next stages of our roadmap will include game development with NFTs and diversifying to other sports and events that have broad fan bases.

At Gambit, we believe that success of any project depends on 2 key factors:

  1. An experienced & committed team that constantly builds and delivers βœ…

  2. An active community, that grows organically because it believes in the project vision

Become a Gambit and help us build the leading sports gaming platform in the crypto world!

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