Our goal

In the last year we've seen a lot of new projects in the DeFi / GameFi space fail, because they rush to launch their own utility-lacking token to fund their treasury, which eventually becomes just another farm and dump token. We've taken those learnings and this is why we've decided not to launch a native token until we have a product with real demand and utility.

Gambit's objective is to utilize Qatar's 2022 World Cup as a one-time event with it's own mechanics, using Avalanche's native token Avax as a mean of payment, to capitalize our treasury.

This will allow us to pursue an aggressive roadmap that allows us hiring top talent and advisors for the development of the next version of our multi-sport betting platform in an Avalanche's subnet, along the IGO of our native Gambit token, plus the incorporation of the company and/or creation of a DAO, aimed for the Q2 of 2023.

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