Special perks for participants

At Gambit we value users that join our community early and help us grow our platform by placing bids through the duration of our special launch event: Qatar's 2022 World Cup.

As any GameFi platform, the future of Gambit strongly depends on the early adopters that believes in our team and vision.

This is why we plan to reward users that place bids during the Qatar's 2022 World Cup event, by incorporating in the tokenomics of our future Gambit token an allocation that will be either airdropped or offered for those users at a discount price.

Even though the tokenomics of the Bid token are still under development, the amount you spend in bids during the Qatar's 2022 World Cup event will matter for this special allocation! We plan to incorporate a weighting approach that gives greater rewards to the users that risked the most.

Join our discord server and follow our social media to always have up-to-date news on this and other special perks that our early gambits will get!

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