About Qatar's 2022 World Cup

On November 21st of 2022, thirty-two nations will kick off their participation in the biggest sports event around the globe.

The eyes of the planet will be fixed at Qatar's 2022 World Cup for almost a month, with the culmination of finding the best soccer team in the grand finale, scheduled for December 18th of 2022 (check the tournament's fixtures and schedule).

It is anticipated that over one million spectators will attend the tournament’s 64 matches, and the competition will reach a global in-home television audience of over 3 billion people, with more than one billion fans tuning in to watch the final match.

This is the event with the biggest betting market in the world. According to FIFA, the average match during Rusia's 2018 World Cup saw a betting turnover of €2.1 billion ($2.4 billion); a whopping €136 billion ($148 billion) in bets through the length of the tournament.

This is why we strongly believe it is the best event we could pick to launch Gambit, since we can strongly capitalize on the betting craze that it generates around the world.

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