The Wolves in Gambit

Few animals on Earth evoke such strong emotions as the wolf. In spite of its fierce reputation, it is a shy, intelligent and elusive creature. Wolf folktales abound, shrouded in mists of fear, admiration, awe and loathing. In hunter-gatherer societies, the wolf was often afforded respect for its incredible senses and hunting prowess.
The images conveyed in wolf folktales vary: in many wolves are depicted as ruthless and fierce; in others they have an image of nobility and loyalty. In Norse Mythology, the wolf Fenrir was a symbol of chaos who eventually swallows Odin whole. However, the wolf was also associated with warriors, and Odin had two wolves as loyal companions.
Self-preservation and hunting are two different instincts that wolves have mastered and trigger under the right circumstances. They are even somewhat balanced and allow a wolf to pull out and retreat, if a prey turns out to be more trouble than the wolf actually expected.
At Gambit, we believe that any gamer must develop those same instincts of self-preservation and hunting in order to succeed and prevail. For wolves, stalking, scavenging and hunting in packs or communities are also social behaviors that allows them to thrive.
This is why we selected the Wolf as our brand identity and we would love you to become a member of our pack!