Our team

We are an experienced pack of Anon Wolfs that share the common passions of technology, crypto, sports and building amazing products!
  • Alpha (CEO): Software Engineer with a MBA. Former Finance & IT Manager of a multi-national pharmaceutical company. Serial entrepreneur with experience in product design, digital marketing, business strategy & development and closing strategic partnerships. Active crypto investor since 2017.
  • Beta (CTO): Software Engineer with a MBA. Built from the ground a multi-national software development company with presence in the U.S. and the main markets of Latam. Has led teams of 80+ software developers to build tailor-made solutions for large corporations. Active crypto investor since 2020.
  • Omegas (Dev team): team of 4 Software Engineers with more than 30 years in combined experience developing a broad range of IT solutions.

Core values

The core values of Gambit's team are: transparency, hard work and constant innovation.
We believe in acting in an ethic way in all of the aspects of our lives and only surround ourselves with people that shares this same values.
Crypto has been characterized with the proliferation of scammers and theft of funds; we are on a mission to change the perception and security of the crypto world, until it is a safe & valuable place for any regular user.
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