Gambit Leaderboard

As stated in the How to join section of the Founders Club chapter, after the Qatar's 2022 World Cup bidding event ends, the Top 100 users in the Gambit Leaderboard will be invited to join the Gambit's Founders Club. Those users will get airdropped a Founders Club NFT in their wallet.
If existing members of the Founders Club are in the Top 100, we'll select the subsequent users in the leaderboard, until we have 100 brand new members.
The mechanics of the Gambit Leaderboard is simple:
  • Every user that places a bid on a match gets +1 Point.
  • Every user that correctly picks the winner of the match, gets an additional +0.5 Points.
  • Every users that also guesses correctly the exact match goal score, gets an additional +0.5 Points.
This way, any user that places a bid on a match, can earn a maximum of +2 Points for the Gambit Leaderboard (+1 Point for placing a bid, +0.5 Points for picking the winner and +0.5 Points for guessing the exact match goal score).
In the case of a tie in points in the 100th spot, the tie breakers to select the last member that will be invited to our Founders Club will be:
  1. 1.
    User that placed most bids throughout the tournament.
  2. 2.
    User that placed the first bid since the beginning of the tournament.

Top 3 special edition NFTs

For the top 3 users in the Gambit Leaderboard, we will also airdrop special edition NFTs to recognize them as the overall champions of the Qatar's 2022 World Cup event in Gambit.